About Miranda Jo Hair Styling

Hair styling Beaverton Miranda Jo

Education Background

I have 13 years of experience in my craft with continued education from NY, LA, Seattle, and locally right here in Beaverton.

After graduating cosmetology school, I entered 4 separate apprenticeships that were 6 months to a year programs where I was under the direction of 4 accredited stylists. Today, I combine this advanced education, ongoing education with inherent intuition for color mastery, wedding hair, and anything I can perfecto meet your needs.

Why my work is tailored to you specifically

I don’t know one person that doesn’t own their own unique, features, lifestyle, and personalities. I believe we are all innately gifted with our own abilities in life that are tailored to each of us individually. So it only makes sense that our image is specifically unique and dynamic to us as well.

After educating for a company in CA, I realized that there is much more than meets the eye than hair. For example, everyone’s skin tone, eye color, lip color, and personality shape the ideal tailored concept for you. .

What to expect

When you sit down with me, we will have a brief but thorough consultation, so I can help you assess your needs and what best suits you. Pictures of what you want or are thinking are always welcome during this process. After that, we will discuss a little bit about your lifestyle and the dynamics of which it is centered around. This will give me the tools to discuss what steps are next in achieving your unique look.

I do love to educate, so any or all questions are welcome. Overall, my goal is to provide you with the best service I can, while becoming your trusted image consultant tailored specifically to you.